The Adventures

A weekend trip in “Paradise” (hiking Mount Alfred)


I am proud to say that New Zealand has held very true to its name for having endless amounts of tramping trails!

One of my most recent tramping experiences was hiking Mount Alfred with the Tramping Club from Otago University. I talked a little bit about the experience of my week three post but I wanted to share more about the trip!

This was my first experience camping in New Zealand and it was a wet one. We arrived to the campsite at midnight and it immediately started raining. luckily I slept in a van so I stayed dry! I woke up at 7 the next morning to pouring down rain which showed zero signed of clearing up anytime soon. We began our hike ay 9:30 but using the term hike would be inappropriate considering we climbed over 1000 meters in under 3 hours. The first half was through the forrest with fallen down branches in our path and a lot of mud. Still pouring down rain by the way. as we reached the clearing of the forrest I was excited because in my mind it meant we were almost to the top! As the clearing opened what i saw in from of me was nothing shy of giant rock wall that appeared to be vertical.


When I was told the next thing we were going to do was CLIMB it I immediately laughed to myself thinking there was no way. But just minutes late off goes the group starting to create their own pathway up the mountain and the next thing I knew I was using my hands and feet to scale up it. By this time luckily the rain had stopped and instead a nice freezing wind replaced it. So as I was climbing up this terrifyingly steep mountain the wind is move very fast and i really had my doubts about making it. Fortunately when your climbing vertically up a mountain it doesn’t take too long so despite all my doubt and hesitation to climb the mountain I MADE IT!!


It really was an amazing feeling to reach the top and it is a moment I will never forget. What was going through my mind was happiness and shock that I had just done something I literally thought would be impossible but I had completely proven myself wrong. At that moment I learned a lot about myself. I learned to take on challenges that may seem unrealistic because you will never know unless you try. i learned that negative self talk and negative attitudes wont ever let you reach goals or dreams.


I know climbing a mountain might not seem like a big deal, but for me it was a journey of complete self doubt that turned into an amazing experience. Because I did something I never thought I could it now shoed me how capable I am of so many things and how rewarding it can be to try something new and see what happens. This experience– and my entire trip has been filled with spontaneous adventures and so many “live in the moment” memories. I now try to look at everything I do as an opportunity to learn something new about myself.





The muddy aftermath 11045006_967990523211763_2543661838587304208_o

Tramping Club at Otago University


Mount Alfred off in the distance.



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