Wrapping up my semester abroad!

I want to use this final post about my trip to New Zealand to talk about some of the reasons why studying abroad is so amazing! Not only did I grow as a person but I now appreciate and the world from a whole new perspective and I want to try and put into words some of the biggest impacts studying abroad has had on me and pair that with a few pictures from my final weeks in New Zealand.

1. I got to LIVE in a foreign country for four months. I got to wake up in a new city surrounded by new people and a new lifestyle which is something that has helped me see different ways of living. This is something I think everyone should try at some point in their life because without seeing the world in a new way or from a new perspective it’s easy to forget that there is never only one way to do something or live. Appreciating these differences of other people has made me more open minded and excepting of new people which has helped me become a more caring and understanding in my life.

a final view from my bedroom window! one of the most beauitful sunrises i saw

2. I made a new lifelong best friend! To think we both went to chapman and would have never been friends if it weren’t for meeting across the world blows my mind. I am so lucky to have built such a this connectin with Sarah. I now have this amazing human in my life forever and studying abroad is what made us so close. 

saying goodbye to my hiking partner in crime!

3. Studying a arose allowed me to live with two people from foreign countries. Andy my New Zealand kiwi host, Emma my other amazing roommate from the America and Ubi my Italian roommate both gave me entirely new cultural perspectives and lifestyles I would have never experienced without studying abroad. Seeing how people across the world live and what differences and similarities there are among different cultures in my own flat is an experience I’ll have forever and one I would have never gotten if I didn’t study abroad.

The last day spent with these two roommates (minus Emma!)

4. I got to move into a flat that with no idea what it would look like or with who. It was so exciting and nerve racking to move at first to somewhere that I’ve  have never seen ever. But the univers has a way of working everything out and all my jitters and fears that I had, were completely unnecessary. Studying abroad is wonderful because you are there for only a short period of time so not only do you get to have a new home for a little while but you also will still have your other home waiting for you.  

The disfunctional flat photo

The best roommate I could ask for!
5. I learned about myself and I grew as a person away from anything familiar. Being in a new place not only allowed me to learn about myself but also see what type of life I want to live. I was able to find a new inner confidence and become my own person which is something I could have never done without jumping into a totally new world separate from anything I knew before. I love what I have learned from spending time going on walks alone or using my creativity to come up with ways to entertain myself being comfortable alone is a hard thing to do but I now love alone time I give myself! 
a final hike up signal hill!
6. Studying abroad allows you to meet like minded amazing people. Without traveling across the world I would have never imagined that there are SO many other people in the world who have the same mindset and similar goals and dreams as I do. I got to Meet all these people with similar values as myself. 
Lucky to know this beautiful girl Abby!

They made me realize how im not crazy for wanting to spend my life discovering and traveling to different places

7. I have a love for the outdoors and nature. Through traveling and seeing so much natural beauty I have a new found appreciation for everywhere I go. Reaching beautiful views at the top of the mountains I hiked is something I will never get used to and plan to enjoy and continue doing for the rest of my life.  

8. I developed a love for traveling that’s changed my life. I prioritize my life differently now and value seeing new places above so many other things! I see who I am and how I am going to spend the rest of my life in a much more si ole and personally fulfilling way. I’ve made so many positive changes because of the experience and I cannot wait to see what happens next!


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