When in New Zealand go to Australia for the weekend

Visiting Australia is something I have always wanted to do. It’s been on my bucket list ever since I can remember and finally getting a chance to go was amazing! We arrived in Brisbane and our first day there we experienced a turential downpour inline any other… There was so much rain that all the streets were flooded so we waited for the storm to pass before exploring the big city of Brisbane!

Downtown Brisbane! the first big city i had seen in a while.

After Brisbane we headed to Byron bay a great beach town just a few hours away to spend the rest of our time! Here we got to visit a market, eat delicious Thai food and walk on beautiful beaches. 

Traveling with Sarah is always an adventure!

I loved every second of soaking up the wonderful sunshine at the beach! No matter where I go in the world the beach always feels a little like home.

Byron bay beach!
The view from a hile we went on!

Visiting the kola sanctuary was a highlight on this trip for me! Koalas are probably the cutest animals I’ve ever seen and it was hard not to want to take one home. 


The other thing we did at the sanctuary was pet and feed kangaroos! These animals are surprisingly VERY friendly and loved getting all the attention from us. We could pet them and feed them as we pleased.

Feedin a kangaroo! another experience I checked off my bucket list

Koalas are actually amazing and adorable. They sleep all day and curl up in your arms when you hold them! The perfect travel companion if you ask me.


All they eat are these are these eucalyptus leaves and hangout in the trees. A koala can sleep for more then 18 hours a day.. Wow.

So lucky to be here!
The trip to Australia went by so fast! I Never wanted the Aussie adventures to end!  




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