You haven’t seen New Zealand until hiking Routeburn 

This weekend was the best weekends I had in new Zealand. Sarah Emma and I planned a last minute trip to do another great walk here because completing kepler was just not enough overnight hiking!

Routeburn is a 32 kilometer track that we wanted to do in a day and a half. We checked the weather, we saw it would be sunny and that was enough for all of us to decide we had to go!    

We woke up early saturday moring drove to the start of the hike and began at 8 am. Today we had 23 kilometers of hiking ahead of us. The first half was under the tree line and the second would be another alpine crossing. Once we were in the alpine section the weather could not have been more perfect. We had sun the entire day! (very different then the weather on kepler)

I can’t explain the beauty of this track. The views topped anything I have ever seen. It left me speechless and in awe that a place as beautiful as what I was looking at existed.   


spotting something in the distance!

For the last 5 hours of our trip we were surrounded by the most stunning mountain ranges I have ever seen. The white snowcaps at eye level and the sun shinning made the trip an amazing one. Routeburn stole my heart.


at one of my favorite viewpoints we had on this track!



There were lakes on top of the mountains and just the most insanely beautiful scenery in the world, I think. This hike made me fall in love with New Zealand and everything that Mother Nature is. There is no better feeling then being in my happy place, which I think I have found. Surrounding myself with beautiful mountain ranges where there are no sound of cars, airplanes or anything man made is surreal. There is nothing that compares to the beauty of hiking. Routeburn was this and so much more. 

many of the mountaintop lakes we saw along the way
We completed our long 9-hour day before dark and I was so happy to see the hut! As the sun was setting on the mountains I looked around and realized the place I was in. realized how lucky I was to be somewhere so beautiful. The starts shined so bright that night and gave me an appreciation for my life, and for the life I am living in a whole different way. 
Our second day was short and sweet! All down will along a rushing stream and we only had 9 kilmeters to go! It was an easy day compared to the previous one but still just as special! This hike is unique because where you start the only road connecting you where you finish takes 5 hours to drive. We luckily switched keys with sarahs flat mate and drove her car home! 

always so many bridges to cross along the way!
my version of the “finish line” are the signs at the end of the tracks

I look at the beauty of the world differently and knowing that places as amazing as where I was exist was a sign that the world is a spectacular place and living my life traveling and discovering it is something I will have to look forward to my entire life.


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