Fall break part 1: My first road trip and I did it in New Zealand!

I learned the best way to see New Zealand is by car and as I was wanting to see as much of the beautiful country I was living in so my dad and I set out on a road trip for my Fall Break (since the season are opposite here)!  We rented a funny little orange car that was actually hard to part with by the end of the trip because we had gotten so used to it! Not only did my dad and I bond for ten days straight but we saw pretty incredible stuff along way.  From Dunedin we headed up to Arthurs pass which is a beautiful national park.

First on the list of things to do was visit Arthurs pass which is a massive national park that was beautiful. we did some day hiking and had to try the mountain water on one of our walks.



This waterfall was amazing and this picture does not do it justice!



We wanted to do a long hike in Arthurs pass  and of course the day we do the hike was on the one day that it was pouring rain and there were thick foggy clouds but despite that a beautiful view emerged for us!


From there we went to the biggest city on the west coast called Greymouth which consisted of only a few blocks of restaurants and hotels. From Greymouth we headed down the west coast and stopped at Franz Joseph and Fox glacier. Seeing the glaciers up close was incredible. They were amazing!

Glaciers are awesome. I don’t know what it is about them that I love so much but they are fascinating. Wrapping my head around the fact that they have never melted and are simply massive blocks of ice is pretty incredible to say the least. As we neared the glaciers there were signed along the way that showed us where they once were, it was shocking to see how much these glaciers have melted over the years. It put things into perspective thinking one day the glaciers I was looking at may not be there anymore. I felt very lucky to see them!

Franz Joseph Glacier


Fox glacier


After the glaciers my dad and I headed for Wanaka!


Wanaka stole my heart. It was one of my favorite spots we went. There is something so magical about the this cute little town.

Lake Wanaka ❤


Rob Roy Glacier Hike!


This was the first hike we did in Wanaka. It was different to the hiking I was used to because instead of reaching a summit we finished at a glacier! still stunning.



IMG_0129_2 IMG_0135_2

The best part of the hikes here are how many long bridges there are on the track!


The nest day we did Roy’s peak track and this was one of my favorite hikes. The view was absolutely breathtaking. It felt almost too perfect to be real. How the lake and mountains were placed was so stunning. It was on this hike that I felt something magical about Wanaka. The hike itself was a long and steep all day hike. We had amazing weather all day and the trail was a really nice tramping trail! There was no tree line on the trail to hike through so the entire time we could look back and see this amazing view! Definitely in my top 5 favorite hikes here in New Zealand.



Hiking with dad


On top of the world


Wanaka you are beautiful



Wanaka was the midway point of our trip! Next we headed to Mildford sound which will be on the next post!


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