Thank you mom and dad for giving me the world

My dad came arrives a few days after my mom! Getting to share where I’ve been living with my parents was amazing I was their tour guide in Dunedin and we got to travel around the South Island together as well!

Uni (as everyone calls it here) showing my parents the campus really cool! It let me see if from their perspective and not take the beauty of it for granted. this campus is truly a unique place that I am so lucky to call my university. There are endless green lawns, beautiful buildings and great places to study.




Lake Ohau:

We ended up planning a last minute hike here and it turned out to be one of the best hikes! We were the only ones on the trail and the day was beautiful.


Getting ready for a day of hiking


Break and pictures!







Lunch at the top of the hike with an amazing 360 degree view!


Hiking is my happy place


These two are my role models thank you for such a great day!



The next stop with my family was Mount Cook!

The drive to Mount Cook was one of the most beautiful drives I have been on. We had an amazing view of the mountain the entire way.


We didn’t originally plan to go to mount cook but after driving on the wrong highway for over two hours we decided it was best to just continue this way and stay here for the night because the other option was turning around and driving 6 hours to our hotel which none of us wanted to do at 7 o’clock at night. But this change of plans was well worth it. We stayed in a beautiful hotel with one of the best views I could have imagined. The image of watching the sun set on mount cook is one I will never forget.

I was in awe by the beauty of mount cook


The night in Mount Cook village was very luxurious to say the least. We lucked out and had the best hotel room and an amazing dinner. Normally not our typical way to travel but for one night it was well worth every penny! The timing was perfect for us to be there because Mount Cook could be seen so clearly the night we stayed and had dinner there.

(The view from our room)


Dinner in Mount Cook village. The best meal we had.


Normally not one for taking pictures of food but I have to say the plates were just to beautiful not too


The food was not only amazing but we sat and ate as we watched the sun setting on Mount Cook. This is the view a I will never forget. The sky was so clear that night and the sun setting turned the mountain the most beautiful shade of pink. It is hard to find such stunning natural beauty in the world but mount cook most definitely falls into this category. New Zealand you continue to amaze me.


We started the next day with a hike ! The sky was not as clear as the previous day… but that did not change the experience in the slightest. We still saw beautiful views of lakes and glaciers and parts of Mount Cook behind the fog.




Mount Cook is off in the dance behind the fog so we had to use a little bit of imagination.


I never want to leave this place


My week spent with my parents was amazing. Traveling with my family has taught me so much about who I am and the type of lifestyle I plan to live. Travel runs through my blood and will continue to be something that will bring me endless joy in life. This experience would not have been possible without my parents and without them I would not be who I am today. Seeing New Zealand has opened my eyes in a way I never thought possible. I am so happy to have shared this experience with the most amazing parents I could have asked for.


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