Travel runs in the family, a week in NZ with my mom


My mother is AMAZING. Not only does she always support all my traveling adventures but she always encourages me go on another. She has taught me the best way to travel and appreciate every experience, every interaction and every place I am in. She is the best traveler I know and taught me how to travel just as well I think! This week was a special one for me because she came to visit and I got to show her around the amazing city I live in. We had great weather when she was here and enjoyed the outdoors to the fullest.

First stop was Signal Hill which gives the best view of Dunedin


After that we wondered through the beautiful botanical gardens



The Saturday market that my mom LOVED. These local markets will continue to be one of my favorite things! My mom and I could spend hours looking at everything.



We made it to the beautiful saint claire beach which is just is couple miles from where I live.





Yoga everyday ❤



There are endless hiking trails right outside my house and they all connect to this peaceful reservoir.


Some studying had to get done (we went to almost every coffee shop in the city I think)


From the amazing dinner to amazing conversations I had with my mom here we had so much fun. I am so lucky to call this woman my role model. It was fun everything i was doing everyday. My day to day routine has so much more meaning now that I shared it with my mom who was so proud to see me make a life here! The simplicity of my life was so cool for my mom that it really has made me appreciate how easy it is to walk to the grocery store, walk to class, and plan trips every weekend that I could never do at home.

Mom you passed the test, we can travel together whenever you want 🙂



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