A weekend well spent! And the most expensive but life changing 12 seconds

“And then I realized, adventures are the best way to learn.”

This week I was getting excited for my trip to Queenstown! By far one of the best weekends I’ve had here. From the 16 mile hike to bungee jumping it was all amazing. We arrived Friday evening and first dropped our things off at the Bungi Backpackers where we were staying! the place was great. So colorful inside and everyone was so nice. And just 5 minutes from the town center!

10499482_976722872338528_5652681014853362708_o  11054510_976722929005189_6602058672144905683_o

First night here and I got the best gluten free pizza! every restaurant Ive been to in New Zealand so far has had a gluten free option for me.


Saturday was our hiking day. We hiked the Bend Lomond track which was of course STUNNING.

The hike was split up into three parts. The first was hiking up to the top of the gondola (of course we weren’t gonna take the gondola if we could hike instead!) and from there the track actually began! We could not have asked for a better hiking day. The weather was perfect and the track was even more beautiful then i thought possible.




Once we reached the saddle of the track then the really intense climbing began..

The reviews of the hike warned us that the last hour is straight up and they were right. Not only is it straight up but your climbing in a spiral around the peak so you can never really tell how much is left. It was an exhausting final stretch but the view and accomplishment of doing this hike was completely worth it.


1,750 meters above it all



Queenstown you are absolutely beautiful


The lake that surrounds Queenstown is beautiful. There are botanical gardens to walk through and everywhere you look are gorgeous mountains.



Off in the distance you can see the Bend Lomond peek in the picture below! (towards right side of the picture)



And the best part of the entire weekend was bungee jumping 🙂

It was absolutely terrifyingly amazing.The experience was unlike anything I had ever done or will do in my life. Looking down and the water and knowing I had to jump was almost impossible for me to do! I was so scared and so close to backing out but after 5 minutes of nerves built up a calmness came over me and knew I would jump.


I walked back out onto the ledge did not look down or think and went for it!



The experience was not just a great experience for me but also a moment in my life where I conquered a huge fear of mine (falling!) And in doing that I learned that no matter how many times I tell myself no I can’t the obstacle is still going to be there. The challenge or problem will not have gone away. Instead of running from the fear and not facing it I took control and literally jumped into it head first and it was worth every second




So happy I did it!


The last night in Queenstown! Couldn’t have asked for a better travel partner



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