Rugby, I will never understand you (and more hiking).

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.”

Week three in the bag! Classes started this week ending my two month break from school… but it was great to see all the college students out on campus and making the town much more lively! Luckily I was able to squeeze in some fun activities this week 🙂

I started off the first week of school with a rugby game! I am still working on understanding exactly what is going on but luckily I am surrounded by people who either love to watch rugby or play so slowly I am learning… but not making much progress.


We sat in the student section which is called “the zoo” and it definitely lived up to the name. It was a good first week experience… but a little too loud and chaotic for me.


The best part of this night was making dinner with these girls before the rugby game!  We had fresh carrots, steamed broccoli, baked sweet potatoes and grilled rosemary chicken, It was so good! Cooking here in New Zealand has been great! It is  extremely easy to find all the healthy foods I love in the grocery store and cook at home. There is always tons of fresh organic produce that I am able to get.






On the weekend I had some friends show me this hidden waterfall we hiked to. I am still amazed how much natural beauty there is just right outside Dunedin.



With all the hiking I’m doing, ice cream is never a bad idea. My first week of class would not have been complete without getting the best ice cream in the world. For only 2 dollars Rob Roy Ice Cream Parlor give you this massive scoop of ice cream. Its become a weekly outing to go! The best flavor they have is called Hokey Pokey is it vanilla ice cream with honey comb bits in it and after A LOT of hiking last week I definitely enjoyed it (now that school has started I’ll try and limit how many times I go…) The ice cream is so good it was worth a picture!


Little did I know but Dunedin is famous for having the worlds steepest street! It is less then a 30 minute walk from my flat so we went and climbed up it one day after class. People live on it and cars can still drive up it but it is impressively steep!


Baldwin street! It was hard to capture how steep it really is.



Me sitting next to the worlds steepest street.


Sunrise hike day 1

Waking up at 5:45 to hike Signal Hill to watch the sunset was beautiful. The best way I can thinking of to start my day


Sunrise hike day 2

I love hiking Signal Hill as you can probably tell because i went a second day in a row. The view I saw was unlike anything i had ever seen before. As the sun was rise from one side on the other side there was the most amazing rainbow I had ever seen. The pictures were only able to picture a fraction of the beauty. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience to see a view like this.




Inspired by the sunrise IMG_3768

Yogi life  IMG_3765


To finish this week off I went on my first tramping trip with the Otago University Tramping Club over the weekend! My group hiked Mount Alfred which was absolutely stunning. We hiked the first half in the pouring rain but luckily it cleared up once we reached the top of the mountain! However there was a very intense wind at the top which made for a freezing experience.

The hike was considered a “moderate” hike according to the local Kiwi students however I personally would have said it was VERY difficult. We had to scale the mountain to reach the top using our hands to maneuver and climb! I overcame a lot of mental and physical obstacles on this hike. I was an amazing feeling to have reached the top.



Climbing this mountain was not a walk in the park.


From the top of the mountain we had a 360 degree view! It was one of the most breathtaking experiences to reach the top and see a mountain to one side of me and beautiful lake on the other. At the top I felt as if I was in the center of the world.





Tramping at the top of the mountain


The pointy peek in this picture is Mount Alfred!


I will be writing more about this experience and showing more photos from this trip under “The Adventures”


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