Hikes and bikes! and a few coffee shops

It has been one month since I have been abroad! And not too shocking by starting the week off with a hike 🙂 Mount Cargill round two! I had gone on this hike my first week here and I am so happy I decided to go again! The first time I couldn’t see anything from the top because there was too much fog.. So the view was really amazing this time! The hike was well worth it.

Here is the view that I wasn’t able to see the first time around…




Long Beach in Dunedin!


Biking to Otago Peninsula was an adventure. I should actually mountain biking because to get to the beach we were going up and down some rough sandy hills. I fell of my bike trying to go up one of the hills…. It was a new experience mountain biking.. but the pictures were worth it!


The beach at the Otago peninsula.





Sea lion sun bathing on the beach! (alive of course)

The peninsula is beautiful.



My beautiful University! The day was absolutely gorgeous so I took the afternoon to read outside on campus.



A porcupine I saw on my morning hike! On the quiet roads they are pretty common to find.



I have been in Dunedin for a month now and I realized I had yet to try some other amazing coffee shops that are just a few blocks from my flat! I took the last few rainy days to try some of them! The first i went to is call Good Earth Cafe. The outside of the shop is adorable and it is right across from campus! I got myself a cappuccino and gluten free scone. Both were delicious! the coffee in New Zealand is some of the best I’ve ever had and this coffee shop knew how to make really good strong coffee. Finding gluten free options has been easier then I ever expected! Most places I’ve been to will always have something that is labeled as gluten free!


Day two of coffee shops was my favorite! The cafe is called Everyday Gourmet and it’s a popular one here in Dunedin! I got a traditional coffee from New Zealand called a flat white (basically a latte with less foam) and a macaroon! First, the macaroon was the best I’ve ever had. And the coffee couldn’t have been any better either. I will definitely coming back to here on rainy afternoons!

I would also like to say the owner and staff are wonderful! After returning three days in a row during my last week hear I became a “regular” which was a wonderful compliment! Everyday Gourmet I am going to miss you!


The third place I tried is called Just Sugar cafe and it has the best gluten free options! I got a gluten free carmel square and cappuccino here! Both were 10/10.


I am happy to say Dunedin cafe’s will make studying on rainy afternoons bearable.


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