From hiking to beaches to hiking up mountains

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey getting there”

This week I did more walking and hiking then I ever thought possible. Everyday was an adventure. I am proud to say that we did not take a single taxi to any of our destinations!

The weather was beautiful and we took advantage of it and went to the beach! This is the closest beach to where I live and it is amazing. it was about a 5 km walk and the visitors center was so surprised and doubtful we would make it. But of course we did! The walk was fun and one of the best parts of the afternoon!


The water was so blue and the sand was perfectly white. There is plenty of room for everyone and people do a great job at keeping it clean! Despite my long sleeve flannel and black leggings it was actually a beautiful day and a perfect way to relax during my last week before classes start.



The next day we decided today to go to one of the famous beach called Tunnel Beach. Enjoying another day of perfect weather we wanted to walk to this beach too. Before we started we went into the visitors center to ask them the best way to get there. the people working immediately told us walking there was impossible and we should the bus. My friend politely said we would like to walk and they still had no faith in us. They  showed us where tunnel beach was and explained how it wasn’t even on the map because the map wasn’t big enough. We had to ask about ten times how we could get there because she thought we were crazy and didn’t even want to explain it to us. But after insisting we were walking we got our route planned out and began the 13 mile adventure!

The walk was beautiful! We had to hike very VERY steep hills and continue on long roads that seemed to never end but the journey was worth it!


Here I am 6 miles later finally reaching the entrance to tunnel beach! Once you get the tunnel beach it is a 30 minuet walk straight downhill to the beach!


The walk down was breathtaking. You really feel like you have reached the end of the world.



Jumping for joy because we finally made it!


I got lucky to find these three other girls who were as excited as I was to walk 13.1 miles for fun


The next day we decided to rest but we still wanted to get our daily hike in and so we planned a sunset hike! We did a hike up Signal Hill which ended up being more of a workout then I had planned but I didn’t mind. I am quickly learning no street is too steep for hiking, walking or even cars.



The most amazing sunset I have ever seen. Being on this side of the world I am the first person to have watched this exact sunset which is cool to think about.


Got to get my yoga in while I am here



This sunset hike will be one that I will do over and over while I am here!


The next day I woke up and did the Signal Hill hike again!



The hiking keeps getting better and better! We planned a spontaneous hike up Pineapple Trail today. The trail was an hour walk outside of Dunedin which again the visitor center was shocked we wouldn’t just take a taxi to.. We got to the start of Pineapple trail and ended up doing a giant loop (which could have been avoided if i was paying a little bit more attention…) before actually beginning the 2 and half hour hike up the track.




New Zealanders don’t joke around when it comes to hiking (or as they call it here tramping). Every trail and hill I have been on so far has been extremely steep. The walking stick was necessary for this one tack.



It was a steep hike but absolutely worth it!



Falling in love with New Zealand



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